Regular Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Canada

Regular cannabis seeds have a 50/50 chance of growing into a male or female plant. They have sturdier and more resilient genetics that allow growers to produce both flowers and pollen.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to breeding, regular cannabis seeds are crucial. Use them to grow both male and female plants so you can develop your own strains and make tough clones to shorten growing times.

There is a 50/50 probability that regular cannabis seeds will produce male or female plants. Regular cannabis seeds are essential for breeders and gardeners that prefer to start their plants from clones, even though many growers strive to develop female-only crops to obtain as much bud as possible.

Normal cannabis seeds are just how they should be. They are unaltered and may contain pollen-producing males just like in nature.

Regular marijuana seeds are for more advanced growers, if you are looking to grow bud producing plants go with feminized seeds which have a 99.9% chance of growing female plants.

Regular Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online

Despite genetic advancements like feminized and auto-flowering seeds, there are still instances when the original just can’t be topped.

Cannabis seeds that have not undergone any genetic or chemical alterations are entirely natural. They are pure seeds that were produced in equal amounts by male and female plants.

Regular cannabis seeds are frequently less expensive than feminized ones and typically do a better job of maintaining the THC and CBD characteristics of each parent plant.

The best regular cannabis seeds in the world are available directly from Seed Drop. We also offer discreet shipping and a variety of payment methods.

Why choose Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds provide excellent mother plants from which to take cuttings from since their genetic makeup is stronger and more durable than that of their feminized counterparts. Once rooted, growers can make perfect clones of their favorite plants.

You’re free to start developing your own cannabis strains depending on your preferred characteristics once you have the desired genetic material from male pollen.

Growing regular marijuana seeds

Methods for Growing Common Cannabis Seeds

Growing regular cannabis seeds is basically no different than growing feminized seeds, except that a male plant is usually discarded.

Having said that, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Your seeds must be transplanted at least twice during their cycle in order to prevent them from becoming root-bound. The best yield will result from doing this.
  • Regular cannabis seeds have strong growth potential, but unless you’re breeding different strains, male plants must be eliminated!
  • You can breed more plants if you don’t remove the male from the crop of females, but you won’t be able to grow the plants for the buds. However, don’t discard the males—you can still use the leaves.

How to Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds

You can start planting as soon as your seeds arrive. Growing regular seeds is no different from starting auto-flowering or feminized seeds.  You can follow our germination guide to start seeds. If you don’t take good care of your cannabis plants and keep an eye on them when they sex, males can quickly pollinate female plants, leading to seeds.

The following are the other crucial things you should think about:

Light: The majority of people are aware that cannabis plants require lots of light. You will need to give your plant a minimum of 12 hours per day indoors to keep it healthy. Your plants will need 18 to 20 hours a day, with only a few hours of darkness, during the early vegetative stage.

Ventilation: this is one aspect that beginners who are growing marijuana for the first time sometimes overlook. Make sure your plants are properly ventilated so they won’t succumb to mold damage and can continue to grow strong and healthy.

Soil: what you grow your flowers in is crucial and might differ slightly from strain to strain. Soil can effect growth rate and potency of the end product.

Watering: Over watering is easy to do, and can quickly lead to root rot. Make sure the soil has excellent drainage and make sure the growing medium is getting dry before you water.  Your planters shouldn’t become flooded when you do.

Temperature and Humidity: These two elements are also important.
If you want a good yield, keep this pretty stable—neither too hot nor too cold.

Light for growing weed

Your lighting system setup is important and will effect the growth of your plant and density of the buds. If you are short on room or want to keep your plants contained to a certain area, you can purchase grow cabinets that are expressly created for this purpose. CFLs or the more recent LEDs can be used as lighting. Traditional high power sodium or metal halide lights are also options.

You should take into account the heat that these lights produce. You risk damaging and burning the leaves of your marijuana plant if you place them too close to it as it grows.

The other factor is whether you place your lights on a timer or not.
Remember that the number of hours of light your plant is exposed to will be crucial; doing this will prevent you from forgetting to turn on or off at the right times.


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