Auto Toof Decay Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 18 Pack


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Auto Toof Decay Feminized

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Auto Toof Decay Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Mephisto Genetics

Toof Decay is a project Mephisto Genetics have spent nearly 4 years working on, involving many selections to get the desired outcome. It is also their most indica offering of the 2015 collection.First, they grew several packs of Sweet Tooth 1.1, in order to create f2’s to have a wider pool of plants to make the best selections from.They found a domineering sweet tooth dominant male which showed hints of colour, and found a highly indica dominant female, super compact with an above average yield of the finest buds.They grew out the f2’s and selected just 2 from 50 females to pollinate with their auto-flower breeding strain. Then the work continued as they bred to make the strain fully auto-flowering.It took more than one run of the F1 generation to find the perfect plants to progress this project.The work paid off and Mephisto Genetics are really over the moon with how Toof Decay turned out.Toof Decay is an ideal auto strain to pack closely together or in an auto-flower sea-of-green arrangement. From a small-statured plant, the bud/plant ratio is very high and the yield can surprise. Plants can show A LOT of colour in the leaves, and can creep into the calyxes, truly gorgeous plants to look at. The resin is thick and sticky, similar to their Sour Crack.


Variety: Indica Dominant

Flowering Time: 60 days from sprout

Flowering Type: Autoflowering

Sex: Feminized

Yield: 60 gr/plant


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