Parvati Regular Cannabis Seeds – 12 Pack


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Parvati Regular

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Parvati Regular Cannabis Seeds – The Real Seed Company

This is an intensely resinous and hashy flavoured strain from the famed Parvati growing region. This strain produces a naturally soft and oily black charas with a classic rich aroma. Hand-rubbing of this strain begins in mid-October and finishes in the first week or two of November. Typically grown on mountain slopes at around 3000m 500m, this Parvati variety has an easygoing smoking high of moderate potency. It is thought to have a high CBD content with medical potential and is recommend to those looking for something traditional and flavoursome without the angst and unease of some more modern Western varieties.

Genetics: Traditional Himalayan Charas Cultivar

Variety: Sativa

Flowering Time:

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular



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