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The Strain Hunters, Arjan, Franco, and Simon, amassed a sizable collection of the most exotic, unique genetics possible throughout their journeys to the remote edges of the world. Strain Hunters has created a collection of excellent feminised Autoflower, Hybrid, Landrace, and Regular cannabis seeds using these genetics.

The Strain Hunters brand began as a collection of documentaries intended to educate the public about the fight to preserve the cannabis plant in the form of especially fragile landraces originating in the world’s most underdeveloped regions. They looked across the globe for the last ‘real’ landraces that were left in far-off regions of the earth because they believed that the widespread persecution of cannabis was unjustified.

These strains, which were kept apart for years and perhaps centuries while continuously inbreeding, are the source of all the tens of thousands of varieties in the cannabis market that exist today.

These landraces include hundreds, possibly thousands, of distinct cannabinoid profiles that have never been examined by the pharmaceutical industry but could be of great use in the future as our understanding of the medical benefits of the cannabis plant expands.

The next revolutionary medication for the treatment of really serious disorders could be buried in one of these cannabis profiles. The idea of Strain Hunters came from the desire to protect the gifts that nature has given to mankind in order to build a better future.

The Strain Hunters now work with the Greenhouse Seed Company to offer their outstanding strains, including both those they have obtained from far-flung locales and their very own strains developed at their headquarters. The results have been outstanding.

Only the greatest strains that Strain Hunters have developed have been released onto the market, and they have a comparatively small library of strains.

These can all be purchased at Seed Drop.



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