SickMeds Cannabis Seeds

SickMeds Seeds, a Spanish breeding company with over a decade of experience, aims to find legendary traits that have been lost to time and develop medical strains with particular characteristics.

To further understand the cannabinoid characteristics and properties of its strains, SickMeds collaborates closely with cannabis laboratories and researchers. This enables them to create strains knowing the percentage of cannabinoids each parent will contribute and whether this will result in a strain with unique qualities. This method of operation guarantees the consistency of each strain, another key business strategy for SickMeds Seeds.

The breeders want to do honor the historical strains they recreate for the contemporary market, therefore they are pushing the boundaries of research and embracing new cannabis technology.

SickMeds is aware that some people feel they missed the chance to grow particular strains, particularly those that are now regarded as legendary in the market. SickMeds wants to assist with this by giving its clients a taste of the past that has been reproduced utilizing modern technology.

William’s Wonder is one of the strains that SickMeds produced using genuine Super Sativa Seed Club material. Due to their structure and high resin content, the huge yields of buds produced by this plant are incredibly hefty. Growers with experience can produce more than 500 grammes per square metre. The parent stock of William’s Wonder is completely homogeneous. There are signs that this variety has been grown in the Afghani Mountains for hundreds of years, despite the fact that its origins are relatively obscure.

SickMeds has built its reputation through these kinds of undertakings. The breeders at SickMeds have found remarkable success by reintroducing these extinct strains to the modern cannabis market.

Directly from Seed Drop, you can now purchase SickMeds Seeds, including the famed William’s Wonder.



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