Autoflower Seeds Canada

Buy autoflower seeds Canada!  Buy cannabis seeds that grow fast, are pest and disease resistant, and have a small stealthy size. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are bred to flower regardless of the light cycle.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Canada

Autoflower cannabis seeds are very popular for Canadians to buy online. Cannabis plants grown from auto flowering seeds bloom automatically, which makes them simpler to grow and more friendly to new growers. These seeds are also all feminized, which lead to bud producing, female plants.

Autoflower cannabis plants quickly grow from seed to harvest without the need for human intervention, compared to photoperiod strains that require a change in the light cycle to trigger flowering. These make them a great selection for growing in Canada.

Cannabis ruderalis is a subtype that is genetically present in almost all autoflowering marijuana seeds.

These autoflower plants not only blossom automatically, but also have a significantly quicker life cycle, great pest and disease resistance, and maintain a small and stealthy size.


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