Jack Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Jack Diesel Autoflower is a fast growing, high yield kind of autoflower seed. It’s plant needs just 10 weeks going from germination to harvest.

The plant grows in compact fashion with short distances in between it’s side branches. The plant’s smell is quite strong so make sure you’ve got your odor control covered.

Jack Diesel weed seeds can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation. In both situations the plants provide for a high yield.

The effects of Jack Diesel weed are similar to that of Haze and result in a mind-expanding, energetic, exhilarating and creative high.

Jack Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

– Fast Growth
– Suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
– Plants provide for a high yield
– High THC content

Information on Jack Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering period: 9 weeks
Genetics: Jack Herer x New York Diesel
70% sativa, 30% indica
Tallest plant outdoors: 100 – 130 cm
Harvesting season outdoors: from June to October
Indoor yield: 350 – 450 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 35 – 100 gr / plant
THC: 19%


*** Available August 2023 ***