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Two decades of searching the globe for the best strains led to the creation of the collection of seeds at Cannabiogen. No location was too far away for the Cannabiogen team to investigate, including the highlands of Jamaica and Colombia, the luscious fields of Mexico and India, and the humid grow sites of Pakistan and Thailand.

After Cannabiogen had gathered all the strains, which after their journeys totaled hundreds, careful selections had been done before a library of the greatest specimens was finally chosen.

The majority of the Cannabiogen collection’s varieties come from local, traditional cultures all around the world. These strains all have distinctive genetic makeup that needs to be maintained. In addition, Cannabiogen took into account the high calibre of Dutch genetics, which is present in many of their strains.

The breeders and testers at Cannabogen make sure that each phase of cannabis cultivation is painstakingly examined and evaluated. To begin with, seeds are chosen manually and at random. Every three months, the germination of these seeds will be checked. Every single strain in the Cannabiogen library goes through this.

Cannabiogen is constantly pushing the envelope for seedbanks, and they undoubtedly have some distinctive qualities that set them apart from the competition. They are now the only seed bank that give its seeds an expiration date. This guarantees that the customer’s seeds remain fresh and gives them piece of mind. Additionally, it provides a schedule for when to grow a batch of seeds.

Cannabiogen also provides detailed instructions on how to raise their strains. These guidelines improve the understanding of producers worldwide while also assisting newcomers in managing their cultivation process.

Purchase Cannabiogen Seeds directly from Seed Drop to try some of the most exceptional, rare, and worldly landraces you’ve ever tasted.


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