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The founders of Loud Seeds had been collaborating since the turn of the century until the company was formally established in 2007. However, Loud Seeds didn’t really break into the world market until 2012, when it unexpectedly won the High Times Cannabis Cup.

By 2013, Loud Seeds had established itself as a fully licensed business operating out of Barcelona, and since then, they have only grown.

All of the founders of Loud Seeds are from Northern California, and they began their cooperative effort as breeders in the middle of the 1990s. Working with the best cannabis strains has always been their main creative focus.

James Loud and Mike Seeds, two of the seedbank’s initial members, are now in charge. These two breeders connected right away since they were both committed to organic cannabis cultivation and had similar aspirations for starting their own business.

James has amassed and developed a sizable collection of unusual cannabis strains over the past 20 years. He has collaborated on cutting-edge breeding and growing projects with some of the best cultivators in the US and Europe. Mike has spent the past ten years owning and running shops all across California in addition to concentrating on growing projects.

These two breeders have produced a collection of strains that would make any grower or hobbyist pleased. In order to obtain premium boutique feminized and normal strains that offer value to the top tier of the upscale cannabis industry, Loud Seeds is now concentrating on conserving and developing original California-style genetics in Europe.

It would be unwise to overlook Loud Seeds despite the fact that they could be relatively new to the scene. They have a vast range of strains that are popular on the European market, and Seed Drop is happy to provide them on our website.


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