Eva Seeds for sale

In order to share their superior genetics with cannabis farmers, Eva Seeds was founded in 2006 during the Spannabis expo. They have amassed a fan base of millions of growers from all over the world over the years.

Eva Seeds are distinctive in that they manage their genetics without turning to the sale of seeds in large quantities. As a result, the seedbank has complete faith in the goods they offer for sale.

Every strain in their collection has stayed constant over time. Customers who do not wish to chance with products of questionable reputation can take advantage of this stated warranty. Eva Seeds carefully packs all of their products and has complete control over seed germination.

All of Eva’s well-known strains are offered at Seed Drop. Their Jamaican Dream is a quick, reliable grow, and their Monster strain offers unmatched yield. Papa’s Candy, however, is arguably their most well-known product and has received multiple accolades in prestigious Cannabis Cup competitions, including first place at Revolta Verda 2006, Indoor High Life 2007, and Spannabis 2008 and 2009.

Being chosen as the Best Seedbank at Spannabis 2012 is arguably the most coveted honour that Eva Seeds has earned. This honour recognizes the rapid expansion of this Spanish bank in the last little while.

Eva Seeds is now working on several new strains that will be launched in due course and plans to offer even more award winners to the market in the future.

Eva Seeds takes pleasure in offering female seeds that are simple to grow, productive, and reasonably priced. Their seeds are exceptional, have great smells, and have exceptional potencies for both novice and experienced growers. The variety of strains offered by Eva Seeds has been chosen for its flavour, yield, and quality. They are ideal for any grower.

Purchase Eva Seeds from Seed Drop today to try their unique, and delightful strains.


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