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Following Karma Genetics’ seeds victory in the IC420 Cup in Amsterdam in 2008, the company was founded in earnest. However, they began breeding in 2000 after working in the Dutch cannabis industry since 1996, first in a coffee shop and then as owners of a nearby grow shop.

“Keeping It Real” serves as Karma Genetics’ guiding principle. They take their time to breed, work hard to maintain an open and truthful breeding history, are a part of the old grower’s network, and respect our companion breeders.

All of the seeds produced by Karma Genetics are house-bred. It takes the breeders longer than most to develop a new strain since they invest time and pride in their job. But it was worth it, as Karma is now well-known all over the world for their reliable OG Kush breeding lines.

For their most recent strains, Karma Genetics took home many Cannabis Cup prizes. The 2011 Sativa Award for third place went to Karma Genetics Dominator. Karma Genetics White OG placed third for Indica strains the year before. While in 2014, their White OG V2.0 strain was recognized for excellence with two prizes.

Along with their wildly popular strains like Biker Kush, White OG, and Smelly Headbanger, Karma Genetics is also getting ready to roll out some brand-new strains, including joint ventures with the other members of the Karma Squad, a special group of breeders and pals. As soon as these strains are prepared, Seed Drop will offer them all.

Despite being relatively new as a seedbank, Karma Genetics is one of the most well-known breeders in the world right now. Customers as well as professionals in the industry have praised it.

Karma Genetics seeds, including several of its honorable strains, are now available at Seed Drop.


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