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Paradise Seeds was born in Amsterdam in 1994, although the company’s founder, Luc, started collecting seeds a few years before. Friends returning from travels to cannabis hot spots in India, Colombia, Africa, and Afghanistan brought the seeds to him. He began to experiment, and by the early Nineties, Luc’s seeds were attracting the attention of growers and smokers alike in Amsterdam. 

The demand for Luc’s seeds grew so much that in 1994, he officially established Paradise Seeds. The company began with five official strains – including Dutch Dragon and Sensi Star. The company’s aim has always been to produce cannabis strains that combine potency with taste. 

Since their humble beginnings, Paradise Seeds have invested in building up a solid strain base, selecting and crossing only the best plants from the many thousands they have grown over the years. 

Since being added to the Paradise Seeds collection, a select few strains have maintained their popularity.

For its overall effectiveness, Wappa is the recommended strain, while Sensi Star has undoubtedly been a fan favorite and multiple Cup winner. Auto’s Pandora and Auto Wappa are both incredibly well-liked. However, because to their high CBD content, some of Paradise Seed’s more recent strains, such as the Durga Mata ll CBD and Nebula ll CBD strains, have been highly regarded by medicinal users.

To ensure that new strains are continually being developed, Paradise Seeds continuously runs a number of breeding projects.

Through humanitarian initiatives like the Daya Foundation and the Medicinal Cannabis Bike Tour, the well-known breeders also support the medical marijuana sector.

One of the most honored seed banks in history, Paradise Seeds offers a wide variety of excellent strains that can all be purchased from Seed Drop.



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