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Sensi Seeds has won more honors than any other seed bank in the history of the world. Sensi has attained unrivaled legendary status in the seed bank industry, winning everything from the Highlife Cup to the Cannabis Cup.

Ben, the company’s creator, started selling his own garments in a storefront in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the early 1970s. He had his first joint a few years earlier, when he was seventeen. But he didn’t realize the plant’s adaptability until he started making frequent journeys to Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to buy textiles. Local farmers gave him cannabis and cannabis seeds, and he learnt about the versatility of hemp fibre as a textile.

Ben learned that despite being illegal and demonized everywhere, the cannabis plant has a lot to offer. He developed a penchant for gathering cannabis seeds from the Asian subcontinent, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. To better understand the development of this unusual plant, he began to grow these seeds back in the Netherlands.

The earliest examples of novel, maintained hybrids, like Haze and Skunk, made its way from the United States to Europe in the 1980s. Three Dutch farmers, including Ben, were given access to these hybrids, which are regarded as a crucial model for creating European hybrids.

Ben learned around the end of the 1970s that only the banned plant itself was covered by the cannabis prohibition; not the seeds. Ben reasoned that since it was lawful to sell seeds, the act of producing them shouldn’t be prohibited either. This realization led him to launch his seed business, and in 1985 the Sensi Seed Club, also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs’ Club, was born.

In 1991, Ben took over a business named the Seed Bank, and the gene libraries were combined to form what is now the Sensi Seed Bank. In the past 30 years, Sensi Seeds has never stopped looking for cannabis genetics. Their commitment to maintaining genetic diversity has never wavered. Sensi remains faithful to its origins and is more conscious than ever that the genetics that gave rise to the cannabis plant are what will shape cannabis genetic research in the future.

Sensi genetics not only provide the great yield and variety of benefits consumers seek, but also a piece of Cannabis’ past.

It would be foolish to overlook Sensi Seeds, which are currently offered for purchase at Seed Drop and feature a number of award-winning strains.



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