Buy Mr. Nice Seedbank Genetics

Mr. Nice Seedbank seeds are available now in Canada. The founders of Mr. Nice Seedbank, Howard Marks and Shantibaba, met while living and working in Holland in the late 1990s. Shantibaba founded the Greenhouse Seed Company in 1995. In a coincidental event, Howard was also freed from a protracted sentence in the USA.

The two developed a good friendship over the following few years and talked about the prospect of collaborating. They made the decision to create a seed business in order to support growers everywhere.

Shantibaba sold his ownership stake in the Greenhouse Seed Company in 1998 and went on to form Mr. Nice Seedbank, a Dutch corporation that has always been and continues to be. With its 40 parent plants, he founded Mr. Nice Seedbank to provide seeds and strains to producers of all skill levels and aid in the spread of cannabis’ genetic diversity.

Rather than joining any seed corporations’ bandwagon by merely chasing money, Mr Nice Seedbanks committed their efforts to make old and new global seeds available for gardeners. They didn’t give a damn about their profile in the media or how many seeds they sold.

In 1999, Dutch law was changed to make it illegal to manufacture seeds. It was still legal to sell seeds that were imported from other countries. Mr. Nice wanted his project to be finished in conformity with international law.

They consequently moved their growing operations to Switzerland, where cultivating cannabis for the purpose of manufacturing seeds is permitted.

While many Dutch seed businesses lost their seed crops, mother rooms, and plants, Mr. Nice’s Swiss seed company prospered.


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