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Medical Seeds is a modest breeder collective situated in Barcelona, Spain, that was established in 2006. Since its early beginnings, they have remained committed to their goal of enhancing the genetics of currently existing plants in order to provide premium seeds.

To ensure the quality of their products, Medical Seeds produces a very small amount compared to other seedbanks. Additionally, they have a special way of operating that has served them well throughout ten years of cultivation. To completely understand each of their varieties through every phase of production, they work with each strain separately. By doing this, Resin Seeds is able to understand how each variety responds to various factors, including fungus, pests, fertilization, flowering times, and indoor and/or outdoor harvests.

Prior to releasing their products on the market, Medical Seeds ensures that they are of the highest quality through their meticulous production  and stringent quality control.

Medical Seeds carefully selects the types they cross and combine in order to improve and advance their genetics. They accomplish this through a protracted testing procedure that rivals that of even the most seasoned breeders. They make certain that the yield, flavour, and cannabinoid content are of the greatest calibre.

Medical Seeds is also pleased to provide the market reasonable costs. Despite having the best medicinal seeds available, they do not want to charge people who are in the greatest need of assistance. The seedbank also offers detailed customer service and will assist with any issues, whether they relate to cultivation, orders, or just basic questions.

We have a thorough selection of medical seeds at Seed Drop, including some of the seedbanks top sellers, such as Y Griega CBD, Mendocino Purple Kush, and Devil Fruit.


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