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The most well-known breeder collective in Switzerland is Alpine Seeds. They have worked to reverse the decline in the caliber of strains available in their nation and throughout Europe during the previous ten years.

Without employing any Dutch genetics since they consider them to be greatly abused, Alpine has developed their own strain variants to set themselves apart from other European seedbanks.

All of the members of this breeder collective began as growers who were producing for their own needs. As a collective, they now face the challenging challenge of selling uncommon and high-quality cannabis genetics at fair prices.

Many of the breeders now employed at Alpine Seeds began their careers at Herbaria Seeds, a once-popular Swiss seedbank. These breeders gathered, picked, and perfected some exceptional genetics while they were at Herbaria, but they were never sold in Europe. Alpine Seeds has now successfully offered some of these varieties.

Alpine Seeds places a high importance on the quality, potency, and flavor of their hybrids, focusing mostly on premier North American strains. Their extensive collection of strains makes this obvious. The huge demand for genetically completely stable strawberries led to the production of their Swiss Strawberry x Sweet Pink Grapefruit. It is a flexible plant with a distinct aroma, flavor, and psychological impact.

Another of their well-known strains, Sweet Tooth 3 BX2, is an indica-dominant variety with exceptional traits that begin fruity and end with a sour note.

Alpine Seeds are bearing the weight of the nation on their shoulders as the only Swiss seed bank to have made a name for itself in the European market. However, they have never failed to produce high-quality genetic material that is distinctive and has aroused curiosity all around the world.

Now available on Seed Drop is the whole collection from Alpine Seeds’ incredible inventory of cost-effective strains.


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