Swiss Strawberry x Sweet Pink Grapefruit Regular Cannabis Seeds – 10 Pack


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Swiss Strawberry x Sweet Pink Grapefruit Regular

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Swiss Strawberry x Sweet Pink Grapefruit Regular

Our new release is an early version of our next big project. The cross between the well-known Swiss outdoor places Erdbeerli and the Sweet Pink Grapefruit is the first step towards a regular and stable strawberry genetics. Due to popular demand, we have decided to publish this F1 hybrid.The strawberry x SPG brings Indoor very good results, but it can be successfully grown under natural conditions. The flowering period is 553 days in indoor. Outdoor should the strain be mature later than the end of September.The male part of the F1 generation was taken over by a selected Sweet Pink Grapefruit times, which comes from our regular Sweet Pink Grapefruit project an SPG times.The plants of strawberry x SPG hybrids are relatively stable, there is on the whole, two slightly different phenotypes that differ in flavor and flower structure something. While Phäno1 goes a little more in the direction of strawberry, Phäno2 is a mixture of SPG and strawberry. The inflorescences are compact, with type1 even extremely hard and coated with a thick layer of resin.The growth is more emphasized Indica, where the plants grow quickly and can do much to gain altitude in the extension phase.The resin garnish is Bigger than average in both phenos, evoking the strawberry x DeepChunk Cross, we have offered a little over two years. These F1 hybrid of Strawberry and Sweet Pink Grapefruit we continue this highly successful Limited Edition on.Although the flavor goes towards fruity and grapefruit typical, but also the sweet and special of strawberry can be clearly tasted. A very good smell, which loses even when smoking none of its intensity.The effect is wide-ranging and very dependent on dose. A light strawberry typical Up-High can be “stoned” convert with further consumption in a strong. In total you can see the effect described as “strong”.

Genetics: Eerdbeerli x Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Variety: Indica Dominant

Flowering Time: 55 – 63 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular



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