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A small group of traditional growers and former soldiers from the Soviet Union who have been developing cannabis seeds in Russia for over ten years founded Kalashnikov Seeds.

Kalashnikov Seeds, based in the Kuban region near Sochi, collaborate constantly with growers in Saint Petersburg and the Far East region adjacent to China.

All Kalashnikov strains are the product of mating AK-47 (Serious Seeds) clones with landraces from Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Eastern Europe, and Afghanistan.

Since 2002, Kalashnikov Seeds has been cultivating cannabis. In 2013, they made their debut on the Russian market, and in 2014, they expanded to the rest of Europe.

In a short period of time, Kalashnikov Seeds rose to the top spot among domestic brands in Russia and engaged in aggressive competition with numerous Western seed banks there. The UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland are among the five nations that now sell Kalashnikov seeds.

After years of research, Kalashnikov Seeds has created a remarkable collection of Express strains, including AK Kush Express, Kalashnikov Express, Baikal Express, Kabul Express, and White Critical Express, in addition to autoflowering and feminised seeds.

These strains differ from their feminized counterparts in that they flower for shorter periods of time. The express strains created by Kalashnikov, however, are not autoflowering.

Due to the fact that this is a particular feature of the global cannabis seed market, Kalashnikov Seeds does not provide precise genetic information about these express strains.

While the majority of the Russian cannabis seed market is currently dominated by Dutch and Spanish seedbanks, Kalashnikov Seeds wants to show that Russian-grown seeds are just as good as any seed you can purchase in other, more developed European nations.

Several Cannabis Expos are attended by Kalashnikov Seeds in an effort to publicize their brand around Europe and interact with clients directly. Due to the beauty of many of their strains, they are quickly becoming more well-known outside of the Russian border.

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