The Real Seed Company

A group of collectors known as The Real Seed Company is committed to releasing pure, unhybridized traditional connoisseur cannabis strains. Cannabis is not an exception to the fact that the world’s ecosystem has reached a breaking point; the biodiversity of one of the world’s oldest crop plants is now in grave danger.

The Real Seed Company, which was established in 2007 in response to the harm that prohibition was causing to premium cannabis cultivars, has made a groundbreaking advancement in the history of cannabis seed banks by making a wide range of authentic, rare, and heirloom cannabis strains available for purchase by anyone. In an effort to locate unusual strains directly from their source, they have been documenting their search.

All of their product lines are 100 percent genuine ganja, charas, and hashish cultivars from the first cannabis cultural centers. The Real Seed Company’s catalogue is already unmatched, and it’s expanding all the time. It features a wide selection of strains from high CBD potential genepools for medical consumers and breeders, as well as fine representatives of renowned high THC ganja and charas lines from legendary regions like Kerala, Thailand, and Mazar-i-Sharif.

All of their seeds come in collectible protective packaging that is well suited to long-term storage through refrigeration, the best way to preserve this priceless plant seed and maintain these ancient lines for a more sober post-prohibition future. Germination and cultivation of Cannabis without a license are illegal in the majority of countries.

“We have the best selection of genuine straight-from-the-source traditional cannabis strains on the web. That means they are open pollinated, so you are going to get a lot of diversity in each strain, as well as vigour”.  – The Real Seed Company


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