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The greatest cannabis genetics are offered by Brothers Grimm, who carefully selects cultivars and combine them in accordance with strict genetic principles.

Brothers Grimm Genetics

When arrangements were reached for the distribution of cannabis strains developed by MrSoul and partner Sly through Canadian seed retailer Heaven’s Stairway, Brothers Grimm Seeds was established in 1996. Brothers Grimm earned a reputation for uncompromising quality and for developing genetic stability, high potency, short blooming periods, heavy resin production, and strongly tropical terpenes by carefully back-crossing, cubing, and inbreeding some of the rarest cannabis strains on earth.

The business abruptly shut down in 2002 because of security issues. Growers either closely guarded their favorite clone mothers or shared them with their pals to keep them alive for many years after their seeds were no longer available. Famously, some breeders bred as many filial generations back as possible using the Brothers Grimm characters Cinderella and Apollo to produce novel hybrids.

To get his hands on the priceless clones and seeds he had hidden safely away, Mr. Soul had to wait more than ten years. He met Duke Diamond in 2015, and the two of them came up with a detailed strategy to bring the Brothers Grimm back to life in Colorado. The core of their business is the expertise of these two breeders combined with a substantial collection of distinctive cannabis varieties.

The Brothers Grimm are ecstatic to be back after a long absence and a lot of effort. With the re-release of their Cinderella and Apollo lines as well as strains created in fresh breeding projects, their devoted followers may be guaranteed that a heritage of stability and dependability continues.


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