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The Cannatonic strain was introduced by Resin Seeds in 2008, and the company is credited with starting the CBD revolution in the cannabis business. This strain launched a new global search for the best therapeutic strains for the newly established seedbank.

Resin Seeds is proud that their specially created strains have helped countless numbers of people today thanks to their distinctive healing properties.

In spite of the fact that Cannatonic is primarily a non-psychoactive plant, the strain won a High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in a Sativa category in 2008, the year it was first introduced to the general public. The initial experience of a well-balanced THC/CBD high so overwhelmingly delighted the judges that they had no choice but to place Cannatonic among the winners.

Since that time, Resin Seeds has proceeded to expand its CBD line to include Hammershark and Dieseltonic, the latter of which also garnered recognition at the 2013 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup.

It was recently reported that Resin’s genetics are now being cultivated in locations as diverse as The Gambia, Slovenia, Cambodia, New Zealand, and more. Resin Seeds also provide some amazing high THC strains that are enormously popular throughout the world.

Resin Seeds bases themselves year-round in Spain, where all of their strains are created. One of the distinguishing features of this seedbank is that they only use particular cuttings that the original breeder has given them. They go go to the source instead of buying seed or searching for phenos. This indicates that each parent plant in their stock was chosen and given to Resin by the plant’s original cultivator.


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