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Dinafem Seeds has been selling the best selection of sativa and indica cannabis seeds throughout the world for many years.

Dinafem Marijuana Seeds

Dinafem Seeds chose to create their strains in 2005, following years of experience growing cannabis in all of its forms.

Dinafem Seeds, interestingly, are the pioneers in cannabis seed preservation. They have received international recognition for their role in modernizing seed storage.

Dinafem Seeds discovered that many of the seeds they were sending or receiving were damaged due to poor packaging when they originally began as a seed bank. Plastic containers did not protect the seeds from dampness or light, and paper envelopes were just not stable enough to protect the valuable contents.

Dinafem Seeds now uses packaging that prevents irreversible seed damage. The seeds are initially placed in a clear plastic vial, similar to those used in laboratories. This vial is then placed within a sturdy metal container, insuring complete safety as it travels around the world.

They have researched the genetics of various plants from their beginnings as rookie farmers to generate their seeds, all of which are recognized internationally.

Dinafem Seeds was well-known at the end of the twenty-first century for its outstanding preservation methods and the high quality of its feminised strains. Because of its outstanding therapeutic benefits and long-lasting mental effect, their Moby Dick CBD is extremely popular. Meanwhile, their superb Blue Kush strain is a consumer favourite due to its potency, powerful taste, and aroma.

We stock more Dinafem strains than most other seedbanks, which is why it remains an extremely popular breeder on our site.

Buy Dinafem Seeds from Seed Drop now and see for yourself.


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