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710 Genetics, which specializes in Feminized and Autoflowering variations, has a number of strains that have received high ratings in the European market.

In Birmingham, England, there is a seed bank called 710 Genetics. They frequently refer to themselves as a boutique seed company that provides well-known and uncommon strains from the UK and Europe.

There is no middleman in 710 Genetics. They bring seeds straight to the customers from the breeder.

Breeders at 710 Genetics started developing their own brand of seeds recently to showcase the potential of the UK seed market. They have now developed and released 19 unique strains onto the market, all of which are strong, dependable, and most importantly, reasonably priced.

Their Purps Feminized strain is an all-indica variety that resulted from a hybrid between a Purple Afghani and a Hindu Kush. Users of this strain have noted a delightful, lingering high after using it, and it also has a calming effect that will benefit even the most seasoned insomniac.

Dreamcatcher, a remarkable cross between two indicas and a sativa, is another well-liked fem strain from 710 Genetics. Despite having an indica genetic background, users have praised its characteristic citrus flavour and mild effects, which make it ideal for daytime use.

However, the White Widow Feminised strain from 710 Genetics is the most well-known in their own collection. Similar to many other White Widow strains, this one yields an amazing amount of resin, has a potent cerebral high with outstanding medical qualities, and has a strong zest and scent.

In a cannabis seed market flooded with well-known seedbanks from the Netherlands and Spain, 710 Genetics is representing Britain.
Their strains are trustworthy, tasty, and most importantly, they are carefully crafted by a group of breeders that are proud of their heritage.


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