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Alphakronik Genes Seeds, an American seed bank, is one of the market leaders for medical-grade cannabis seeds.

Alphakronik Genes Cannabis Seeds

Alphakronik Genes has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Its seeds are currently offered in 19 nations on 7 continents, and it is still growing. In their strains, Alphakronik has produced “unique flavours and unsurpassed potency” by utilizing rare and powerful parental genetics.

With a male and female plant, Alphakronik gives true genetics that are produced entirely naturally. They use organic ingredients to grow all of their strains in soil. They contend that the use of gender-reversal sprays and other elements involved in mass growing detracts from the quality of the finished product and ought to never be used. Every one of Alphakronik’s strains is as unique as its ancestor because they take their time and put their entire being into it.

Making ensuring that consumers are entirely delighted with their seeds and the finished product is Alphakronik’s main objective.
If anyone needs advice, the customer care team is happy to provide it.

All of the seeds in Alphakronik’s vast collection are of the highest medical quality, and many of them are also highly potent and incredibly unique.
“The Claw” is one of their most well-known and distinctive varieties. This strain only had one release date and is a limited edition. This strain clearly exemplifies Alphakronik Seeds’ greatest qualities in terms of strength and power, as well as its amazing medical effects.

Alphakronik’s Bandana is another variety that has gained popularity on the cannabis seed market. The breeders combined their 707 Headband with a lovely Snowdawg after receiving numerous inquiries from consumers requesting a new hybrid. The end result was a special strain with enormous nugs and outstanding medicinal qualities.

The Claw and Bandana, two of Alphakronik Genes’ amazing strains, are currently available to test at Seed Drop.




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