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Dankonomincs Genetics has been cultivating and producing cannabis strains with an unequaled passion for more than two decades.

Dankonomics Genetics Canada

In the years of prohibition, when good marijuana was scarce and brick marijuana predominated, Dankonomics was created.

The entrepreneur was shocked by how frequently he was underpaid and denied high-quality seeds, so he started his search by importing seeds from Holland and developing new lines.

Dankonomics was developed through much trial and error, experimenting with various breeding methods, and receiving advice from renowned breeders on how to expand.

Dankonomics has over 20 years of experience cultivating its strains, and they rigorously test everything to ensure good vitality and ease of development in all of their lines. They only use elite clones and elite seed lines to produce even better strains.

The Dankonomics collection’s seeds are produced without the use of harsh pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides in recycled organic soil.

To ensure lifespan and vigor, all seeds are over-matured and cured.

Since the start of Dankonomics, a number of strains have become more well-known, but one has stood out. Whitefire Funk is a 1988 G13 and a 1991 Chem cross. It has both the strength of G13 and the flavour of Chem. She multiplies with real potency and is certain to be a favourite among smokers.

The Dankonomics collection’s Stardawg and Banana Kush hybrids are also popular choices.

To assure many years of high-quality cannabis genetics, Dankonomics Genetics is continuously in the lab experimenting with and testing new strains and lines as well as striving to stabilize existing lines.

Look no farther than Dankonomics Genetics, which is currently offered at Seed Drop, if you want high yields, simple growth, less mildew and pest problems, and no hype-driven market gimmicks.


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