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Philosopher Seeds, a Spanish company, has been working on breeding initiatives since the mid-1990s. However, in 2008, in collaboration with the Alchimia Grow Shop in Girona, they joined the cannabis seed market.

Philosopher Seeds, who identify themselves as a “Artisan seed bank,” are hands-on with their production, crafting each item with the utmost care and collaborating with knowledgeable experts to guarantee quality in each of their strains.

Additionally, the Spanish breeders have a sizable research and development group that they obtain, breed, and share a variety of strains under the Philosopher name.

A close-knit team of breeders working with Philosopher Seeds is routinely tasked with testing their crops on various substrates and growing mediums. This guarantees that everyone purchasing seeds from the Philosopher Seeds collection is aware of the optimum conditions and methods for growing the strains.

In order to provide new strain lines to the market, Philosopher Seeds has recently been collaborating closely with some of Europe’s top breeders.

To demonstrate which strains contributed to Philosopher Seeds’ original success, the “Classic” Line was introduced. This line includes some of the breeders’ most well-known cultivars, including as K13 Haze, Gokunk, Early Maroc, Amnesika, and Tropimango.

The “Golo” Line is a more recent strain created to provide the fruitiest, tastiest flavours in the Philosopher Seeds catalogue while guaranteeing that all of the strains had a fair amount of CBD. In the “Golo” Line, some of the most well-known strains are Jack el Frutero, Sugar Pop, Sweet Love, Naranchup, SuperJuani, and Guayita.

These phrases highlight Philosopher Seeds’ commitment to providing its customers with novel, fascinating genetics whenever possible.

Before making a decision to purchase any seeds, you may learn everything there is to know about a strain, from its ancestry to its traits and growing method, thanks to a helpful customer support team and information-packed strain profiles.


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