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Reeferman Seeds is a seed bank that offers both traditional medicinal cannabis seed genetics and a collection of historical landrace cannabis seeds. Numerous of these strains have won multiple Cannabis Cups and have been perennial favourites in the cannabis industry for many years.

Members of the Old School Breeders Association, Reeferman Seeds, originally consisted of a group of experienced breeders from throughout the world with a combined expertise of more than 100 years in cultivation.

For instance, Willie Nelson, a Cannabis Cup winner, is a popular Reeferman strain among cannabis connoisseurs. It was believed that its unique South East Asian heritage had been gone forever. However, it still exists today and serves as the foundation for a number of Reeferman Genetics’ medicinal cannabis seed variants.

Experienced growers and those seeking therapeutic cannabis varieties that are simply unavailable elsewhere frequently choose Reeferman Seeds’ wide range of strains. Reeferman Genetics has carefully improved its seed breeding program through meticulous testing and natural selection supported by laboratory analytical capabilities, according to current producers and commercial croppers. Reeferman Seeds is well known for providing rare landrace strain seeds.

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of the thinking at Reeferman Seeds, whether you’re looking for a high-THC, quick-flowering strain like their trademark Early Purple Kush or genuinely therapeutic relief from one of our carefully produced and selected High CBD cultivars.

Breeders at Reeferman continuously collaborate with partners like Monster Seed Breeders, Nevil Seeds, Dr Atomic, and others to ensure that consumers have a wide range of options when selecting seeds for their upcoming cannabis crop.

Reeferman Seeds took many years to build their strain collection. Customers should be thrilled with the outcomes of any of their naturally cultivated, premium medicinal cannabis seed strains.


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