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Get the legendary Mephisto Genetics marijuana seeds now in Canada. These world famous autoflowers will be sure to delight any cannabis connoisseur.

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Mephisto Genetics seeds are for sale now in Canada. Mephisto began as a concept or a dream many years ago during a typical rainy’summer’ in England. Two breeders, now business partners, were in a sort of grow-off, working in similar limited spaces but competing to see who could create the highest yielding cannabis plants in the shortest amount of time.

Despite the fact that both breeders were producing massive amounts of plants, neither was impressed by the effect and potency of their autoflowering varieties. A new gauntlet was thrown down, and the concept of Mephisto was conceived. It was an idea that neither breeder could resist, so they relocated to another country and their adventure began.

Mephisto Genetics’ first goal was simply to create and develop unique, high potency, high grade auto strains derived from sought after photoperiod strains from start to finish… This goal has never wavered.

Mephisto Seeds differs from other companies in that, unlike many other brands on the market, they do not buy in seeds and undergo a quick re-branding.

The seeds advertised by Mephisto Genetics are the ones that their customers receive. They are involved in all aspects of cultivation, including selection, pollination, and de-seeding, as well as sorting and packaging.

Mephisto Genetics products are only touched by two pairs of hands before they reach our customers. They do things on a modest scale, but they do them well and with love. Mephisto also aggressively encourages their fans and customers to follow their documented work.

The number of companies where the consumer may speak directly with the breeder is small, and Mephisto’s openness and friendliness, together with the rave reviews of their seeds and varieties, make it a no-brainer for consumers to try them.

Look no further than Mephisto Genetics if you want your money to go to hardworking breeders that have shed blood, sweat, and tears to create an amazing product for you. Get them here at Seed Drop.


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