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Heavyweight Seeds had its start in the middle of 2008 when a member of their team went to see a local farmer who had just harvested some amazing results. His mother plants’ clones were bought, and they were taken back to Spain with them.

The hybrid between the two aforementioned mother plants produced some genuinely mind-blowing strains. Heavyweight Seeds made the decision to develop their own gene pool in order to more effectively retain these unique characteristics. Their products were prepared for the market and a brand, Heavyweight Seeds, was developed over the course of about a year.

Heavyweight Seeds has concentrated a lot of their efforts on developing varieties that produce a tonne of resin. Their genetics yield between 10% and 20% of resin when produced under typical conditions with common nutrients.

Extreme germination techniques are used by Heavyweight Seeds while breeding new varieties. They force the seeds to germinate in unfavorable settings by placing them in locations where humidity and temperature fluctuations may be adjusted. When a plant has successfully completed the first stage, they work with it. The people Heavyweight works with will develop seeds that can germinate anywhere thanks to the selection process.

Heavyweight Seeds’ breeding policy is straightforward: they only select strains that have high levels of output (both resin and flowers) and potent effects. The Heavyweight Seeds line is the only place to turn if a grower needs a product of the greatest quality and plentiful yields.

Although the collection of seeds Heavyweight Seeds has produced is always growing, some of their original, classic strains continue to be customers’ favorites.

One of the most well-liked autoflowering strains available in Europe at the moment is their 2Fast 2Vast, which is soon to become well-known in the USA.

The most well-liked photoperiod strains are the tasty trio of Dream Machine, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Cake, and many customers come back to Heavyweight Seeds only to purchase these strains.



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