Bomb Seeds Marijuana Strains

If you’re seeking for the optimal blend of strength, power, quality, and yield, Bomb Seeds are the way to go.

Bomb Seeds Cannabis

Bomb Seeds weed genetics are rapidly gaining recognition in Europe, and they are quickly becoming one of the most recognized breeders in the Netherlands.

Bomb Seeds has something for everyone interested in seed growing, including indicas, sativas, medical strains, autoflowering strains, classic strains, and more.

Their selection process combines the best attributes of world-famous strains with those of their homegrown strains. This results in a highly explosive finished product, hence the name Bomb Seeds.

Bomb Seeds are grown organically in the Netherlands under meticulous conditions. Batches are tested on a regular basis to ensure maximum superiority and uniformity. After that, the seeds are hand-selected to assure maturity and viability.

Bomb Seeds genetics have been properly conserved and developed for complete genetic consistency, ensuring that all strains and traits produce true in every plant.

Bomb seeds must achieve a 95% germination rate during batch testing in the Netherlands under ideal conditions before being approved for general sale.

At all times, bomb seeds are housed in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Customers can be assured of optimal freshness when ordering Bomb Seeds since the breeders use commercial refrigerators kept at a constant temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.

While many of Bomb Seeds’ extensive collection of strains is quite popular, a few strains in particular constantly wow customers.
These are Bomb Seeds’ collection of extremely strong High-THC strains, which includes Kush Bomb, Ice Bomb, Cherry Bomb, and Gorilla Bomb.

Bomb Seeds also has one of the best customer feedback for a breeder on Seed Drop. Given that we stock seeds from so many breeders, that is quite an accomplishment.


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