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Buy seeds from Rare Dankness’ current strain library which contains genetics from thirty years of cultivation and represents some of the best strains in existence.

Rare Dankness Marijuana Seeds

Rare Dankness, which was founded in Colorado in 2010, has spent many years growing, collecting, conserving, and experimenting with diverse strains.

Through a global network of acquaintances, Rare Dankness has been able to source some of the most sought-after and rare genetics available on the market today. Their approach is not aimed to recreate mother plants, but rather to supplement the great genetics obtained from breeding with superior male plants.

The ultimate goal of Rare Dankness is to bring the greatest quality genetics from the best sources straight to the cannabis community, particularly those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The mission of Rare Dankness is to give the greatest quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana community. Because the seedbank thinks that education is the key to future legalization, they provide as much information as possible beside each of their strains.

While the original Rare Dankness is situated in Colorado and only breeds and distributes seeds in Colorado, they have formed a sibling firm in Europe called RD Genetics. The seeds developed by RD Genetics are grown in small gardens around Spain. This is how Rare Dankness entered the European market, where their reputation is growing.

While many of the strains in the Rare Dankness library receive a lot of attention from customers, certain truly remarkable strains have proven extremely popular. Their Midas Regular is a high-yielding type with large nugs and a distinct aroma and flavour. At the same time, their Moonshine Haze has a fruity kick to it and can aid in creativity and productivity.


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