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After some time was spent studying Dutch genetics, a group of Spanish breeders founded Advanced Seeds. Despite these genetics’ amazing flavours and smells, the breeders discovered a lot of issues with vigour and germination. These breeders made the decision to start their own seed bank in 1999 as a result of this.

Early on, Advanced Seeds began marketing their strains out of a little grow business in Murcia, Spain. Sales were slow despite the high quality of their strains because of the very basic setup, lack of product packaging, and lack of marketing.

Advanced Seeds made the decision to develop a line of feminized genetics that matched an easy cultivation technique for consumers with the wonderful flavors they had observed in storied Dutch genetics in order to achieve a significant growth. Because of the breeds’ success, Advanced Seeds became a reputable seed bank in 2006.

With careful consideration given to their branding and corporate image, Advanced Seeds became one of Spain’s most well-known and reputable seed banks fairly quickly.

Today, Advanced Seeds is still making a lot of effort to provide its devoted and growing customer base with the highest quality products.


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