Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

Introducing Bruce Banner: The Indomitable Autoflower Cannabis Strain

Are you in search of a high-quality cannabis strain that combines potency, flavor, and convenience? Look no further than Bruce Banner, a legendary autoflower cannabis strain that will take your cannabis experience to new heights.

What makes Bruce Banner truly exceptional is its autoflowering nature, which means it blooms automatically without the need for strict light cycles. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, enabling cultivators of all levels to enjoy a bountiful harvest with ease.

Here’s why Bruce Banner stands out from the crowd:

1. Potency that Packs a Punch: The bold and powerful effects of Bruce Banner have made it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. With THC levels reaching up to 25%, be prepared for a long-lasting, mind-soaring experience that will leave you feeling euphoric and energized.

2. Incredible Flavor Profile: Indulge your taste buds with the delightful flavors of Bruce Banner. Blending hints of sweet and earthy notes, this strain offers a unique mix of terpenes, making every puff a memorable and enjoyable experience.

3. Versatile Usage: Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day, spark creativity for an artistic endeavor, or simply enjoy a social gathering, Bruce Banner has you covered. Its balanced effects make it an excellent choice for any occasion.

4. Compact and Speedy Growth: With a relatively short flowering time of just 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, Bruce Banner ensures quick results without compromising yield or quality. Its compact yet sturdy structure makes it suitable for limited spaces, including small gardens and grow tents.

5. Ruderalis Genetics: Derived from robust Ruderalis genetics, Bruce Banner exhibits exceptional resilience to fluctuating environmental conditions, pests, and diseases. This strain’s hardy nature combined with its autoflowering properties makes it an ideal choice for growers seeking a hassle-free cultivation experience.

6. Health Benefits: Beyond recreational use, Bruce Banner offers potential health benefits that cannabis enthusiasts appreciate. Users have reported its potential for stress relief, mood enhancement, and relaxation, making it a versatile option for medicinal purposes.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow and enjoy Bruce Banner’s exceptional autoflower variant. Order your seeds today and embark on a journey of euphoria, flavor, and convenience.

Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
Genetics: Auto Ghost OG x Bruce Banner lll
50% sativa, 50% indica
Plant height outside: 100 – 180 cm
Harvest month outdoors: from June to October
Yield indoors: 500 – 600 gr/m²
Outdoor yield: 100 – 200 gr / plant
THC: 24%

** Germination Guarantee – these seeds are specially selected by us. If you have germination issues we will replace them free of charge **