Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Blueberry is indispensable for everyone looking for this kind of flavor. Thick and resin drenched flowers, combined with a powerful smell and sweet and fruity flavors like cranberry.

Blueberry Autoflower weed can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation. Plants produce nice rigid buds that are covered with a thick layer of THC. This plant is easy to grow, making it suited for the starting grower.

These plants remain fairly small and are suited for small spaces. Smoking results in an enduring and powerfull effect. Results in a high yield of top quality weed.

Blueberry Autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

– Easy to grow species
– Deliciously fruity smell
– Suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation

Information on Blueberry Autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering period duration: 8 weeks
Genetics: Blueberry
25% sativa, 75% indica
Tallest plants outdoors: 90 – 135 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: from June to October
Indoor yield: 400 – 450 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 35 – 100 gr / plant
THC: 19%

*** Available August 2023 ***