Gelato 41 Autoflower Seeds

Gelato 41 autoflower was created by crossing two popular Cali potent cannabis strains. Gelato x Girl Scout Cookies and a cross with an autoflower cannabis strain resulted in this popular Gelato 41 autoflower. The result is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain that is also good for high yields of cannabis with a high THC content of 24%!

Because this is an autoflower cannabis strain, you don’t have to worry about a change in light hours. The best results are obtained for Gelato 41 autoflower with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. This autoflower strain is resistant to mold and has a good resistance to diseases.

Gelato 41 autoflower is a cannabis strain that is definitely worth growing. Not only for the yield and the simplicity of growing, but also for its smell and taste. She smells of sweet fruit and while smoking you can taste spicy hints and a fruity taste. Smoking this weed makes you happy, relaxed and above all euphoric!

Gelato 41 Autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

  • High THC content
  • Easy to grow
  • High yield
  • Fruity taste
  • Mold resistant
  • USA strain

Information Gelato 41 Autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering time: 9 – 10 weeks
Genetics: Gelato x Girl Scout Cookies Auto
55% sativa, 45% indica
Plant height outside: 100 – 150 cm
Harvest month outdoors: from June to October
Indoor yield: 450 – 600 gr/m²
Outdoor yield: 100 – 200 gr / plant
THC: 24%

*** Available August 2023 ***