Do Si Dos x Zkittlez Seeds

Do Si Dos x Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds are a Do Si Dos x Zkittlez crossbreed. Try this exclusive American weed species and you will immediately recognize the Cookies genetic influence. Girl Scout Cookies adds some menthol to it’s flavor, while Zkittlez contributes to it’s deliciously sweet taste. Face Off OG made sure this species is highly productive and rich in THC. An outstanding genetic composition indeed!

This cross-breed consists of 60% indica- and 40% sativa-genes. This species is well resistant to fungi and diseases. After a flowering period of 60 to 65 days an enormous yield consisting of nicely green and golden buds will follow suit.

Smoking Do Si Dos x Zkittlez will result in a powerfull high. While smoking this weed, you will experience the delicious natural flavors that blent together within this American species of weed. You will taste shades of mint, lime and diverse herbs for instance resulting in an exclusive experience! Above all, you will taste the delicious influence that Cookie genes have within this product. Not long after you will notice it’s effects, starting off with a euphoric high.

Do Si Dos x Zkittlez cannabis seeds characteristics

– Good resistance to diseases
– High THC content
– Exclusive taste
– American species of weed
– High yield
– Plants remain relatively small

Information on Do Si Dos x Zkittlez cannabis seeds
Flowering period:  9 – 10 weeks
Genetics:  Do Si Dos x Zkittlez
40% sativa, 60% indica
Tallest plants outdoors:  100 – 150 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: june till october
Indoor yield:   500 – 700 gr / m²
Outdoor yield:  450 – 1000 gr / plant
THC content: 28%