Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds

Gelato 41 cannabis seeds originate from a very well known family of Cookie strains on the American west coast. Gelato 41 weed seeds contain Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie genetics. For the rest it descents from a Sunset Sherbet.

Gelato 41 weed seeds produce thick buds containing many crystals. The plants predominantly contain sativa genetics. They make large buds that will ensure a large yield. The crystal covered buds contain high levels of THC (more than 20%). These weed seeds were rewarded the Highlife Cup award.

Gelato 41 combines a sweet, minty flavor with the orange twist of Sunset Sherbet. This produced this delicious species of weed: a mixture of fruity candy flavors. Smoking this weed will result in a boast of energy and creativity. Also it usually results in a very good mood, all owing to it’s awarded American gene combination.

Gelato 41 cannabis seeds characteristics

– Suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
– Very high THC-contents
– Large buds
– Smoking this weed results in a potent high
– Awarded the Highlife Cup
– American genetics

Information on Gelato 41 cannabis seeds

Flowering period: 9 – 10 weeks
Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
70% sativa, 30% indica
Tallest plants outdoor: 120 – 200 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: june till october
Indoor yield: 450 – 650 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 100 – 300 gr / plant
THC: 25%