Skunk Special Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 4 Pack


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Skunk Special Feminized

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Skunk Special Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Female Seeds

Back due to popular demand! Female Seeds have brought Skunk Special because it is still agreat choice after all these years.From all the Skunk-varieties that are on the market right now, they selected a fast producerof enormous buds with a strong skunk aroma and a heavy buzz. Skunk special is quite astable strain with little variety between the individuals. This strain was developed in Dutchgreenhouses and selected on flower production. So, this is one of world’s best flowerproducersunder natural light, but also does really well outdoors in temperate climates.More info:It all started in ’83 or ’84 when Sam The Skunk Man himself was in Holland to do a Skunkproject for Dutch greenhouses. The best one was selected out of around 10, 000 (!) plantsin this project and was cloned in selective circles within Rotterdam, Holland.It was actually only used by greenhouse growers in Rotterdam and surroundings and wasnicknamed ‘het Sammetje’. (the Sammy)Then in 1990 it arrived in Amsterdam and the A’dam scene had a go with it, continuing onthrough the whole of Holland.The genetic make up is mostly a Mexican Colombian Sativa with that Skunk piss smell youare talking about. It also can be called the old school skunk.Female Seeds selected this one, as they found it the best performer out of all the Skunk varieties available.This latest batch of seeds is from the same origin only after a few generations of selecting thebest plants we’ve come to an earlier maturing, more stable (more equal, uniform) batch.This strain is really good for outdoors as it does really well in temperateclimates (where citrus/grapes grow).Flowering time: 7-8 weeksHeight: 60 0 cmSeed to harvest: Minimum 70 daysYield: High quality big orange harvestTaste / Smell: Citric, skunk piss smell

Genetics: Mexican Colombian Sativa


Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Feminized

Yield: High


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