Jabba’s Stash Regular Cannabis Seeds – 11 Pack


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Jabba’s Stash Regular

Out of stock

Jabba’s Stash Regular

Jabba’s Stash is a big oily funky indica, created by combining an amazing oldschool bubba kush mom, and the deadly potent, big yielding, super frost, snow lotus male. Expect big kushy wands of crystal covered nugs, with dark acrid spicy flavors and smells ranging from dark roast coffee, exotic tropical fruits, african violets, elderberry, body odour, apple butter, and bounty hunter hideout funk. Deep head nodding trance cannabis for super space exploration. Great for indoors and out. Look for the purple pheno.

Genetics: Bubba kush x Afgooey x Blockhead

Variety: Indica

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular



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