Auto Monster Mash Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 5 Pack


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Auto Monster Mash Feminized

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Auto Monster Mash Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Exotic Seeds

This auto flowering strain is a cross between Mk-Ultra and Black Domina. A high yielding strain with good height, growing up to 85 centimeters and in some cases surpassing a meter. Monster Mash has a very special aroma that is very difficult to describe. There is an intermingling of kush tones with other sweet smells resulting in a nicely balanced scent that does both parents justice.This strain can be used in a SOG grow, by using her “Chirstmas tree” like structure, with a great central bud. Be sure to take extra good care at the end of flowering, because due to the denseness of the flower there can be problems with botrytis if the humidity is to high.Monster Mash takes about 8 weeks from germination to harvest, though some of them only need 7 weeks. This is a very interesting feature of the strain and we are working on stabilizing this aspect of Monster Mash.The effect is physical, relaxing without being extremely powerful, perfect for the final moment of the day.

Genetics: MK-Ultra x Black Domina

Variety: Indica Dominant

Flowering Time: 49 – 60 days

Flowering Type: Autoflowering

Sex: Feminized



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