Cheese Autoflower Seeds

It never remains unnoticed, owing to it’s characteristic flavor containing tones of fresh flowers and old cheese. A branched and robust structure provides for large, aromatic buds and resin. It’s effect from smoking is powerful and enduring making it ideal for relaxation.

Because it’s plants remain relatively small, they are heavily used for guerilla cultivation.

Cheese Autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

– Strong cheesy flavor
– Heavily used for guerrilla cultivation
– Predominantly indica genes

Information on Cheese Autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering period: 8 weeks
Genetics: Cheese
20% sativa, 80% indica
Tallest plants outdoors: maximum of 100 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: from June to October
Indoor yield: 400 – 500 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 35 – 100 gr / plant
THC content: 17%

*** Available August 2023 ***