Sour Diesel Haze Autoflower Seeds

Sour Diesel Haze autoflower is the most well known and powerful kind of cannabis. Sour Diesel Haze originated from California. This species is a top favorite among many smokers and growers. It is a powerful species of predominantly sativa genetics.

Sour Diesel Haze is an elegant, strong, easy to grow kind of cannabis of average height with early flowering onset. The plant will produce compact, tall and resin like buds. These weed seeds are suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation.

Sour Diesel Have autoflower weed seeds are characterized by a distinctive aroma and taste with shades of Diesel, lemon-fruit, petrol and wood. The effect of smoking is powerful and will last for a long time. It’s effect is balanced and physical as well as mental. This kind of cannabis is ideal for bringing about interesting conversations.

These weed seeds are prize awarded in the auto flowering-category of seeds, at Lift Cannabis Expo Toronto in 2016.

Sour Diesel Haze autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

– Can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
– Powerful species with sativa genetics
– Easy to grow
– High THC-content
– Smoking will result in powerful effect

Information on Sour Diesel Haze autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering period: 9 weeks
Genetics: Sour Diesel x Haze 2.0 Auto
75% sativa, 25% indica
Tallest plants outdoors: 100 – 130 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: from June to October
Indoor yield: 400 – 450 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 35 – 100 gr / plant
THC: 20%

*** Available August 2023 ***