Black Jesus OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 4 Pack


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Black Jesus OG Feminized

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Black Jesus OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Dr Underground

Tahoe OG selected cut x Soul Star (Dr. Underground)A work created from genetic OG strong character are you ready to fly? This creation has beena success, the potential of clone Tahoe combined with Dr Underground Black Star Soul selected produces one effectstronger than you could meet. Ojo, that is strong does not mean it is not pleasant, on the contrary, give youhow easy it is interested by something that, a priori, do not caused interest. It is these effects that make you want tofeed your curiosity with anything, all under a blanket of tranquility and peace that allow you to restGiven that Soul Star is born of cross between a monstrous Sensi Star selected in 2004 and the famousPeyote Purple bank Cannabiogen (black phenotype), selected for its strong aroma shampoo, can alreadyFully it indicates structure creates thick and hard buds, broad bright plated chalices resineverywhere, such is the amount of this, it is not difficult to find in the first quarter of the big leavesThe aroma is strong in all phases, flowering is quite high and the final product even more. The taste is aAmerican kush delight with citrus touches reminiscent of shampoo being present.placidly. Imagine the final product quality across the Tahoe OG clone out of the buds.Indoor flowering time: about 8 weeksFlowering outdoor: Early October.Plant size: medium.Indoor production: between 600g and 1kg (depending on method of cultivation)Outdoor production: Up to 1, 5Kg depending on the volume of soil.

Genetics: Tahoe OG selected cut black pheno x Soul Star


Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Feminized

Yield: Indoors: 600g – 1kg, Outdoors: up to 1, 5 Kg – depending on conditions


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