Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the best Californian strains. The best Cookies genes have been combined within this strain for sweet and powerful buds. Due to it’s indica gene dominance, this strain can provide yields up to 650g/m² within a flowering period of just 8 to 9 weeks.

This high quality weed species was created within a specific breeding program, in which all the top Californian Cookies species were involved.

Cookies weed seeds can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation. Due to it’s indica gene dominance, the Cookie weed plants will remain relatively short compared to some other species. This won’t be reflected in bud production though, as this weed contains very high levels of THC, up to 23%.

Smoking this weed will produce a sweet and fruity flavor. Also a powerful high resulting in euphoric feelings as well as a nice relaxing feeling can be expected from smoking this weed.

Characteristics Cookies cannabis seeds

– Can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
– Very high THC-content
– Indica dominance
– Very strong high
– High yields
– American favorite

Information on Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds

Flowering period: 8 – 9 weeks
Genetics: Animal Cookies X Fruity Pebbles OG
20% sativa, 80% indica
Tallets plants outdoor: 140 -180 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: june till october
Indoor yield: 450 – 650 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 100 – 400 gr / plant
THC: 23%