O.G. Kush Cannabis Seeds

O.G. Kush predominantly consists of Indica genetics. The species originated from cross-breeding Lemon Thai with Pakistani and ChemDawg. These top quality seeds on offer are highly valued among home growers and professionals alike.

O.G. Kush cannabis plants are powerfull plants showing a stable growth rate that produce buds with high levels of THC. These cannabis seeds are suited for indoor- as well as outdoor cultivation. Under both circumstances the results are excellent.

The effect of smoking this weed is powerfull with a pleasant high. If you want to grow top quality weed than O.G. Kush seeds are an excellent choice.

O.G. Kush cannabis seeds characteristics

  • Well known weed species
  • The plant contains 75% indica genetics
  • Powerfull high
  • High THC content
  • Top quality

Information on O.G. Kush cannabis seeds

Flowering period:  8 – 9 weeks
Genetics:   Lemon Thai x Pakistani x ChemDawg
25% sativa, 75% indica
Tallest plants outdoors:  120 – 200 cm
Harvesting season outdoors:  june till october
Indoor yield:   450 – 550 gr / m²
Outdoor yield:  100 – 300 gr / plant
THC:  20%