Raspberry Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 3 Pack


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Raspberry Diesel Feminized

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Raspberry Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Humboldt Seeds

This sativa dominant hybrid was the result of our sweet Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel. Fast and vigorous vegetative growth, its long spacing between the nodal sites make for ample light penetration to secondary regions of the plant. Little time is needed for the vegetative state, as Raspberry Diesel will more than double during the flowering period.Trellising is recommended to maximize production as large rock hard Raspberry shaped buds will appear all the way down the stem. Known for having an incredibly high resin count and finishes in just 63-68 days. The sweet berry essence is supported by hints of anise and gassy notes. Effects are quite functional for daytime use and are great for active use. Raspberry Diesel is a unique and meticulously selected phenotype specifically for any collector’s library.

Genetics: Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel

Variety: Sativa Dominant

Flowering Time: 63 – 68 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Feminized



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