The Doctor Feminized Marijuana Seeds – 5 Pack


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The Doctor Feminized

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The Doctor Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Greenhouse Seed Co.


A legendary indica, The Doctor was on sale for just a year in 2006, and it quickly became a legend. It is a strong narcotic indica, a cross between Great White Shark, South Indian indica and Super Skunk; it flowers in 8 weeks. The Doctor expresses skunk related traits, and a sweet fruity skunky aroma. It was discontinued due to some issues with the strain but the constant demand pushed Greenhouse to dedicate a great deal of effort to fix the problems. After years of selection and breeding Greenhouse are finally ready to bring back this old champion. To this day, fans of this strain have jealously kept mothers, and we expect growers worldwide to be very happy with the comeback. Medium size, dense plant. Needs support.An instant-hitter, very stoned, bordering the narcotic. Medicinally effective in pain therapy and against insomnia.

Genetics: Great White Shark x South Indian x Super Skunk

Variety: Indica

Flowering Time: 8 weeks indoors

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Feminized



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