John Doe Regular Cannabis Seeds – 10 Pack


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John Doe Regular

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John Doe Regular

We named this plant John Doe due to the mystery behind the origin of the genetics. For those who don’t know, John Doe is the namen given to a man in America when the police (or anyone else) doesn’t know his name. Maybe we should have called her Jane Doe, but as it’s the male heritage which is the most mysterious, we went with John. This G13 comes in part from a long lost, unknown cannabis seedbank called Doggie Nuts which we took a shot on. We took their G13 indica, grew 10 plants and got 7 killer phenotypes. The pure G13 only ever came in male. After a careful selection process we then crossed the most unique tasting phenotype with our highly popular female Strawberry Sour Diesel.

Genetics: G13 Indica x Strawberry Sour Diesel

Variety: Sativa Dominant

Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular



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