Naza Autoflower Seeds

Naza Autoflower is a species of weed that originated from cross-breeding Mazar with Ruderalis. Naza Autoflower predominantly contains indica genes. These plants are pretty dense growing big leaves but staying relatively modest in height, with an average height of 70 to 80 centimeters. These plants are suited for indoor- as well as outdoor cultivation. Yields are good, up to 200 grams in both scenarios!

This species is an easy to grow kind of autoflower, making it an ideal candidate for beginners. Smoking this weed results in a pleasant and long-lasting high.

Naza Autoflower cannabis seeds characteristics

  • Suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
  • Plants stays relatively modest in height
  • High yields
  • Easy to grow, suited for beginners

Information on Naza Autoflower cannabis seeds

Flowering period:  8 – 9 weeks
Genetics:  Mazar x Ruderalis
10% sativa, 90% indica
Tallest plants outdoor:  70 – 80 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: june till october
Indoor yield: 350 – 500 gr / m²
Outdoor yield:  45 – 200 gr / plant
THC:  18%

*** Available August 2023 ***